by Tara Ireland

Tara Ireland

Tara Ireland

As a child Tara was always fascinated with the effects of light on water.

She studied at the Emily Carr School of Art and Design from 1974-79 studying painting and printmaking. Tara quickly established an early reputation as a print-maker, with her etchings that captured the interplay of light, water and motion. She was a founding member of Malaspina Printmakers Co-operative, serving on it's board of directors and facilitating an exchange symposium with artists from Quebec and Newfoundland.

Now, after a 20-year hiatus, her fascination continues. As a painter, Tara’s desire is to capture the experience and essence of the West Coast landscape. She loves and is motivated by the minimalism of our coastline, the movement of the sky and the sea, and always, the light - how it affects the Earth, Air, Water and the landscape that surround and connect us.

Living on the edge of an island, Tara creates a year-round visual diary of sea and sky. She likes the metaphor of the island: the inclusiveness, the containment - and then looks beyond that to paint how the land, sea, sky, wind, and light are constantly in motion. Painting outdoors is often a challenge, but it allows her to ground our sense of being by developing a closer connection to these elements.

As a viewer of her recent work acclaimed

“Tara Ireland has the ability to convey in the viewer’s mind a dream-like mental image and spiritual essence of a landscape, which is alive and is in motion.”

Although changing light on water has been and continues to be a central theme in Tara’s work to this day, she has extended her ability to capture light and motion by recently exploring environmental themes, through her diverse series that have highlighted salmon runs and forest fires.

Tara’s prints are in the Burnaby Museum Print Collection. Her paintings are increasingly prominent in private collections across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Tara’s paintings are exhibited and sold in solo and group shows, annually, on Hornby Island, B.C. where she lives and paints year-round; and through her website